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The Concept of Bringing Upstairs Care Downstairs

A few years ago I came across a podcast.  It wasn’t just any podcast, it was EMCrit.  The one and only Scott Weingart.  For those of you who have never heard of EMCrit or Weingart I would encourage you to leave this site right now by clicking here, but please come back at some point.

During this podcast he talked about bringing upstairs care downstairs and the turf war between upstairs and downstairs. It really is an outstanding concept.  In case you need a little clarification the upstairs care refers to the intensive care/ critical care areas, while the downstairs care is the emergency department. Take a listen to his words from episode 100.

That talk totally spoke to me as an ED/ER nurse.  I’ve been in that uncomfortable state of limbo, when you know your patient needs interventions, but there isn’t a bed upstairs.  Its the worst feeling.  Weingart saw an opportunity, he did a fellowship in upstairs care and has evolved his practice.  As nurses we really don’t have that opportunity.  We can’t just go somewhere to learn some amazing skills set and bring that knowledge back to the ED, but I can only imagine the benefit it would bring to our patients if we did.  shutterstock_134641445

My plan for this blog and future podcast is to provide FOAM or FOANed to nurses in the hospital and pre hospital that focuses on emergency medicine and critical care.  From my own experience I know that I did’t always get the type of continuing ed that I wanted in the workplace, but thankfully I came across some great podcasts and blogs that really gave me up to date information which I feel helped be become a better nurse.

I became a nurse to help people and learn, I didn’t become a nurse to just mindfully task nurse and check off assigned e learning!