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Get More FOAM

FOAM goodness at its finest.  Here are a few links to some amazing sites loaded with amazing information for prehospital or brick and mortar critical care/ emergency providers!


emcrit http://emcrit.org

Emcrit is an outstanding source for EM education.  Scott Weingart has an amazing podcast and blog.  Podcasts are put out on a regular basis.  He’s the man who coined the phrase Upstairs Care Down Stairs.  Check it out.


life in the fast lane    http://lifeinthefastlane.com

Life in the Fast Line– wow this is awesome!  If you want to keep up on lit and you aren’t one for reading journals, this is for you.  So what Chris Nixon does is fabulous.  He and his crew sift though published papers and review them.  The papers are relevant to practice today.  The ECG (EKG for us Americans) Library is another great resource! Studying for boards check out the EXAMS tab!


SGEM http://thesgem.com

The SGEM (skeptics guide to emergency medicine)- talk about turing EM on its head.  The podcast and blog are great for that, and they have some interesting musical intros. So if you are looking for current practice, this is the place to come.     Be advised some of the content may be beyond the archaic thinking of the dinosaurs you are working with.

rebelem http://rebelem.com

Ever wonder how DKA should be treated?  This is a good place to figure it out.  The contributors to this blog do an outstanding job of bringing you up to date.  They also host the REBEL Cast which is an excellent listen on your ride into work!

ernursepro http://www.ernursepro.com

Brian Ericson has one of the most informative blogs and podcasts out there that is geared to nurses specifically!  It’s like nursing information derived from the heavens.  Yes finally!  His content is strong of EBP and it’s relevant to the ED nurse.  This isn’t the stuff you find on healthstream!