Sepsis FOAM

There’s been a lot of updates and publications on sepsis in the past year.  With the roll out of CMS sepsis core measures starting in 2016 the clock is ticking on getting informed on not only what is expected for reimbursement but also to have a better working knowledge on what sepsis is and the the complexity of the disease.  Bedside nurses and pre-hospital care providers are vital in the care of these patients. Being able to identify sepsis is the first step to treatment, but there is also lengthy close monitoring because these folks can change on a dime– one minute they are stable, the next minute they are circling the drain.

While it is important to get interventions done quickly for more than just the reimbursement reasons, it is imperative that bedside and pre-hospital field providers recognize when interventions are and aren’t working and be able to suggest/ advocate care and interventions in the best interest of the patient.

I’ve compiled a list of a few links that provide excellent resources, research and education regarding sepsis management from other FOAM/FOAN sites.  As you are aware sepsis is an evolving species, so keeping up to date is  a process.

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